A new, in your face, anti-drug campaign is coming to a TV near you.

The Partnership for a Drug Free America announced Wednesday that Tulsa is their test market for a methamphetamine prevention campaign.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren explains they way they are attacking meth use. The TV ads involved with this campaign are supposed to show the scary, sometimes horrifying affects that meth has, not only on its users but everyone around them.

Some of the ads depict users themselves and their stories of failure. Others show innocent people who don't know they're breathing meth fumes and are getting sick. A few of the ads show the affects meth has on users' families. But one thing they all have in common, they don't hold back in their presentation.

Mike Townsend with the Partnership for a Drug Free America: "If people don't understand the risks of getting involved in meth they're more likely to try it."

Organizers say 18 years of research points to these types of ads as the ones that actually work.

To view the TV ads, go to

Also, in conjunction with these ads, they'll begin a community outreach program called Meth 360. Tulsa Police will help get the word out to schools, parents and other groups about the affects of meth.

If the program works here, they plan to move on to Oklahoma City next and then on to other states with similar meth problems.