Fire departments across Green Country aren't fighting as many fires thanks to our rainfall. But now they're battling the budget blues.

Oklahoma’s historic year for wildfires has strapped resources, so fundraisers for those departments are more important than ever.

At the Black Dog fire station in Osage County, you can pick up some great bargains. Volunteer Marvin Riddle: "this is the front seat out of an S10 pickup. We want to sell that for $15."

The fire association is holding it's annual garage sale fundraiser. Donated items are sold, and the fire department benefits from the proceeds. Black Dog Fire Chief Paul Reeves: "it just all helps." The Black Dog Fire Association has a goal of raising $5,000, which is a lot considering their budget for the entire year is about $20,000.

Chief Paul Reeves: "we have to watch, we have to watch our pennies and make sure we use them right when the time comes."

Volunteer fire departments all over Oklahoma rely on the same type of fundraisers every year. But this year has been like no other. Unprecedented wildfires across the state, charred thousands of acres, burned hundreds of homes and whipped through fire department budgets.

The fundraisers are extremely important. Marvin Riddle: "It's critical. As you well know, fire departments have really been hit hard early this year." Costs for fuel, supplies and maintenance and upkeep of equipment adds up.

Marvin Riddle: "We've got little jewelry boxes with jewelry in it. We've got all kinds of hand tools." So if you want a jewelry box, tools, toys or the seat out of an S10 pickup, this is the place to find it and to help out a good cause. "Someone wants it for less, we'll bargain with him.”

The sale at the Black Dog Fire Association is located on 52nd Street between Tulsa and Sperry.