KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Civic leaders in Kansas City announce plans to raise money for a new city park in memory of Erica Green.

Green was the child who was known as Precious Doe until her identity was discovered last year.

The park would cover about five acres on Kansas City's east side, including the site where Erica's decapitated body was discovered in 2001.

Three-year-old Erica allegedly was kicked in the head in April 2001. Her body and head were discovered separately in the woods. The Kansas City community named her Precious Doe until her identity was discovered a year ago.

Harrell Johnson of Muskogee, Oklahoma, is charged with the murder. Erica's mother, Michelle Johnson, also of Muskogee, is charged with felony second-degree murder and child endangerment for not seeking aid for her dying daughter.