So what happened in Broken Arrow to cause such widespread flooding? Folks in Broken Arrow needed the rain, and thought they were ready for it.

"Unfortunately, this storm system stalled over northeast Broken Arrow and dumped nearly 6 inches of rain in a very short period of time and the drainage system just couldn't handle it." Emergency Manager Stephen Bradley says Broken Arrow is traditionally flood-free, but that much rain in a short period of time could cause a flash flood nearly anywhere.

And even though north Broken Arrow got the rain, it all ran to the south side of town. High water closed roads to all traffic. Stephen Bradley: "There were several locations where we had fast moving water. One location had 2-feet of fast moving water so it makes it a very dangerous situation. Even with the standing water, people get trapped and it can cause extreme dangers."

Flash flooding is the number-one weather killer. It claims more lives each year than tornadoes or lightning, and more than half of those deaths are vehicle-related.

Fortunately, in Broken Arrow, rescuers didn't report a single injury in this batch of flooding. And crews are doing their best to unclog problem spots in case another downpour hits an already saturated city.

Stephen Bradley tells the News on 6, Broken Arrow Fire and Police teams rescued eight people from stranded cars Thursday.