OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Cities that continue to overcharge for public records soon could face a class-action lawsuit filed by an Oklahoma City attorney.

The attorney, Michael Gassaway, already has filed a suit, claiming that Oklahoma City has violated the state's open-records laws by charging millions of dollars worth of illegal search fees. That's a charge the city denies.

Now Gassaway says he is ready to expand that suit to include other cities.

State law allows a maximum charge of 25 cents per page for public records and search fees can be charged only for specific reasons.

Some cities have recently stopped overcharging, including Muskogee and Enid. But several cities continue to overcharge, including Norman, Tulsa and Edmond.

Neither Norman City Manager Brad Gambill nor Mayor Harold Haralson would explain why their city is overcharging. A spokesman for new Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor says police there are reviewing the issue, and Edmond City Attorney Stephen Murdock says he will do the same.