An eastern Oklahoma soldier sheds light on the war in Iraq. Home safe from the war, Staff Sergeant David Spurlock says its great to be back on Sooner soil, but there's still work to be done.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren says it was an energizing homecoming for Army Staff Sergeant David Spurlock. He's home after patrolling the streets in and around Baghdad for close to a year.

"They both have grown so much!" Now its time to relax and just be dad. "You really get to missing the little things in life. Also family. It really makes you appreciate what you have at home." David’s wife Michelle Spurlock: "Just excited, glad he's here. I can feel him and hug him."

But David brought with him some heavy baggage, knowing he'll have to go back to Baghdad in just two short weeks. "But I'm just as eager to get back to my soldiers and continue to do my job and make a difference."

He says making a difference though is difficult in Iraq. The people are very proud and the insurgents are very creative. "The vast majority of the country is just trying to live their lives day to day. But it’s the interruptions from the insurgency that's causing them the most grief." But on the whole he says the people of Iraq are benefiting from our presence. "Life for them has been improving dramatically. Schools, hospitals, everything. But it’s a process that will take time."

And taking time for himself and his family, right now, is what life at home is all about.

When he goes back, Sergeant Spurlock says he will also help with force protection at Camp Justice.