OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Three companies participating in a state program that provides financial incentives to encourage job growth plan to add 700 new employees in the next three years.

The Quality Jobs Program has paid out more than $400 million in wage rebates since it began in 1993.

Spirit Aerosystems Inc. in Tulsa, which employs 1,300 people in Tulsa and McAlester, expects to add 548 jobs in the next three years, according to its application filed with the state Commerce Department. Spirit Aerosystems makes aircraft parts. It could realize $28.2 million in rebates if it continues to add jobs over the next 10 years.

ClimateCraft Inc., an Oklahoma City division of LSB Industries Inc. that provides heating and cooling systems for large commercial buildings, expects to add 150 jobs in the next three years. If the company continues in the program, it could get cash payments of $2.1 million over the next decade.

Power Costs Inc. in Norman also plans to add jobs. The company provides software to power companies to help them run their systems efficiently and find competitive energy prices. It plans to add at least 35 jobs in the next three years, said Buck Feng, chief technology officer. It could ultimately see $1.7 million in rebates.