OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Governor Brad Henry signed 29 bills, including a measure designed to expedite the relocation of residents in the Tar Creek Superfund site in northeastern Oklahoma.

Henry also vetoed a bill Tuesday dealing with state employee benefits because he says the language already was contained in a bill he signed previously.

The bill on Tar Creek authorizes the use of a state trust to administer a federally funded buyout of endangered homes and businesses near the towns of Picher and Cardin in Ottawa County.

Henry also signed a bill clearing the way for the creation of an African American Centennial Plaza on the grounds of the state Capitol.

Another measure authorizes the University of Oklahoma to establish a comprehensive diabetes center with locations in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Henry also signed a bill appropriating $1-million to the state Department of Commerce and the Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission to help protect the state's five military installations from closure.