WASHINGTON (AP) -- When getting married for the first time, Oklahomans are among the youngest in the nation.

A Census Bureau study released today says the average woman in Oklahoma is 22-point-seven-years-old when she gets married, the second youngest in the nation behind Utah. Women in Utah marry at an average age of 21-point-nine.

The study found Oklahoma men marry at an average age of 24-point-nine, third youngest in the nation. Men in Utah marry at the youngest average age of 23-point-nine-years old and Idaho is second at 24-point-six.

Those waiting the longest to get married are in Washington, D-C, where the average age is about 30 for both men and women.

The national average is 26-point-seven-years old for men and 25-point-one for women.

The Census Bureau looked at data from a four-year period from 2000 to 2003.