A third person has now been arrested in connection with possible burglary ring in Tulsa. The latest arrest happened early Wednesday when police arrested a suspect at a Tulsa motel.

They recovered guns and a stolen Corvette. On Tuesday, officers found more than $20,000 worth of stolen items in a car. There were computers, a guitar and guns. Two people were arrested. It all started after officers followed a stolen car that was under surveillance.

When the driver realized he was being watched, he took off. Tulsa Police Sgt Dave Walker: "100 miles per hour on highways is probably what he was doing. 100-110. We weren't doing that. That's why we lost him. We had to be more careful." But officers eventually found the car in west Tulsa.

Two people were arrested on the spot. All three suspects face charges of possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen vehicle.

More arrests are possible.