A 12 year-old Collinsville girl is doing her part to help prevent some medical emergencies and she's looking for help.

Shelbi Phelp's has started Project JJ, which is named in memory of two very important people in her life. Four years ago, Shelbi's baby cousin JT died of heart complications. That same year her grandfather Jonathan died of a heart attack.

Shelbi says in both cases a defibrillator might have saved their lives and she wants to make sure the Collinsville EMS has a new defibrillator to replace the old one.

Elizabeth Sullivan with Collinsville EMS: "It functions properly like it's supposed to do. However, it's a lot heavier and doesn't have all the functions a newer model would have on it."

Shelbi Phelps: "It was kinda scary to see my grandpa die right in front of me."

Shelbi has already raised $1,000 toward her $10,000 goal.

To find out more about Project JJ, you can call 371-9954, or send your donation to:

Project JJ

305 North 21st Street

Collinsville, OK 74021