Something really strange happened on Super Bowl Sunday. The game may have actually equaled the commercials in viewer appeal. The News On 6's Rick Wells watched the game with some advertising students enrolled at The University of Tulsa as they evaluated the commercials.

The TU advertising class settled in at the Hurricane Hut. The students had some favorites and the game was right up there with the best of them.

"We're not really watching the football game we're watching the commercials," said TU Professor Bill Hinkle.

Sunday was not only the Super Bowl of football, but of advertising as well. Each spot cost $2.7 million.

The fire breathing dinner guest got the laughs and then there was football between commercial breaks.

After having 24 hours to digest what he'd seen, Andrew Weitsman, a senior ad major, said the big guns produced again.

"Coke, Pepsi, and Budweiser; they did great spots like they do every year," said Weitsman.

Weitsman said the advertisers who did the best were the ones who just tried to be entertaining. But, Weitsman said an odd thing happened, perhaps the most memorable moment of the night happened on the field.

"After a certain point," said Weitsman, "people started talking during commercials and watching the game."

"The Ad Program" is a new program at TU offering classes in advertising, public relations, graphic design, and broadcasting.