A Muskogee County man is in jail, charged with attempting to kill a sheriff's deputy and a Warner police officer.  It happened late Saturday night in Porum, south of I-40 in Muskogee County.  The News On 6's Dan Bewley reports both of the men who were shot have survived the ordeal.

Sheriff's Deputy David Mackey has been released from the hospital, while Warner police officer Adam Satterfield can't believe how close he came to being shot.

"I spent the day at church with my family just know that was a one in a million shot, you know," said Warner Police Officer Adam Satterfield.

Adam Satterfield has a knife, a magazine, and utility belt to thank for that one-in-a-million shot.

"Think God was on my side," added Warner Police Officer Adam Satterfield.

It was just after 10 o'clock Saturday night when Satterfield and deputies from Muskogee County were called to a home on a dirt road in Porum. Inside that house, Kevin Girty and his girlfriend were having a fight.

"Typically domestic disputes are the most violent.  They are the most upsetting," said Muskogee County Deputy Jeff Smith.

Officer Satterfield and Deputy David Mackey approached Girty in a hallway. After they took several knives from him and began putting on the handcuffs, Satterfield says, Girty became angry and the rookie police officer fired his Taser gun.

"Soon as I fired the Taser into his back, he spun around and fired," said Warner Police Officer Adam Satterfield.

Girty reportedly fired two shots in total.  One struck Deputy Mackey in the hand and stomach. The other went toward Satterfield.

"I felt like somebody punched me in the gut," said Warner Police Officer Adam Satterfield.

But, the shot never made it to his gut. Instead, it ricocheted off the gun clip, belt, and then a knife.

"Luck is what you get when you roll the dice at the casino. But, when these things happen, it's miracles," said Warner Police Chief Terry Thompson.

Satterfield spent Sunday with his three young children, thankful that he, literally, dodged a bullet.

 "It's not something that I look forward to or actually thought it would happen to me especially being so new in to the field. But, I guess it goes to show you never know what's going to happen," said Warner Police Officer Adam Satterfield.

Kevin Girty has a criminal record dating to 1989, mostly dealing with burglary or possession of stolen property.  He's now in the Cherokee County jail facing two counts of attempted murder of a peace officer.