The clanking of his boots is all too familiar. Oklahoma State University's most symbolic figure never misses a game.

"Pistol Pete's kind of become a representative of the university as a whole," said Tulsa native Michael Harris. "Not only the university, but as a state because the cowboy is so emblematic of this region."

Michael Harris sports the signature cowboy boots and oversized head that is Pistol Pete.

"It's definitely a different experience watching a game as Pete," Harris said. "You think you're in the corner and no one's watching you. But these kids who come to games could care less who Byron Eaton or Marcus Dove are."

"You can guarantee that someone's staring at you all the time," Harris said.

With the celebrity status comes pressure, literally. Pistol Pete's head weighs a whopping 45 pounds.

"Most of the weight rests on your shoulders," Harris said. "The biggest issue isn't necessarily the weight. It's kind of so top heavy and awkwardly balanced. Half the challenge is learning how to walk in it."

Growing up a Cowboy fan and having parents who both went to OSU, being Pistol Pete was a perfect fit for Harris.

"OSU sports in particular were always the common denominator in our family," Harris said. "No matter what else was on if the Cowboys were on TV, we were watching OSU."

Now his family watches him. Pistol Pete's popular figure attracts quite a few cameo appearances on national television.

"It is something I'm proud of," Harris said. "To grow up in that kind of family and represent the university like I am."