While some folks avoided the latest round of winter weather altogether, other areas saw heavy, thick snowfall.  News On 6 anchor Craig day spent much of Tuesday traveling around the area to see how much fell and how much of an impact it is causing.

When 5-year-old Noa Petitt woke up and found out there was snow, she couldn't wait to get outside to play.

And in Coweta there is plenty of snow for a day of fun.

"She actually had a soccer game Saturday and it was beautiful outside," said Coweta resident Lance Petitt.

Time after time, Noa went up and down the hill which is covered in about five inches of snow.

Wayne Kirkendoll thought he might see sleet or ice at his home, but was surprised he got so much snow, while others only a few miles away didn't get any.

"The way Oklahoma is it could have been a lot worse.  We usually get about this much each year, sometime in March, eventually," said Kirkendoll.

Despite the deep March snowfall, most roads fared well, especially as the sunshine started melting everything.

What the sun didn't melt, crews worked to clear away from roads and parking lots.

Leonard got about six inches of snow.

Further south in Okmulgee County, where the snowfall was up to eight inches in some places, crews worked to clear bridges.

Roads were in good shape, but the heavy wet snow was enough of a concern for some communities to close schools.

With the temperature in the mid to upper 40's across the area, and sunny skies, the snow is melting quickly.