Oklahoma drivers could soon receive new license plates.  That is if House Bill 3326 becomes a law.

If the bill, created by State Representative Ken Miller passes, it would be the first new tag design in almost 16 years.

Oklahoma drivers will not have to pay any new charge to receive the updated plate. They will get it on their regular registration date.

Ken Miller, the author of the bill, believes new tags will make roads safer. Some plates have lost reflectivity, and some are so old it's difficult for police and state troopers to make out the lettering.

In addition to safety, requiring new tags will help identify and ticket motorists who don't update their insurance and tag information in accordance with state law.

Unlike license plates in the past, these are not being handled by the tax commission, but the Oklahoma Tourism Commission is handling the new tags as of right now.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at what could be the plates in the selection list for the public's online vote.

Below is a link to the six preliminary Oklahoma license plate designs. They were presented at a public meeting, but are not the final designs. The House and Senate are narrowing the choices.

"When they do decide what the styles are going to be it will be on the webpage for the sate and they can actually vote on which plate they prefer. I think that's exciting," said Ann Jones with Central Tag Agency.

By Margaret Stokes, NewsOn6.com anchor/reporter and Kyle Dierking, Video Journalist. Find more of their stories in our Web Exclusives section.