A big milestone Tuesday night as a major exhibit hall opens at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds.  And, construction workers make a find that takes us back in history.  They're putting the finishing touches on a 43,000 square foot exhibit hall.

"We're going to have livestock events. We're going to have consumer shows, concerts, corporate training sessions," said Expo Square's Amanda Blair.

Central Park Hall is the fairground's newest building.  Complete with an art-deco feel and designer glass displays with lights that constantly change color.  But, it's the wide open floor that has Expo Square officials excited.

 "It's very important because it allows for lots of flexibility for the show promoters. They don't have any obstruction in their way that might prohibit them from using the space to their most benefit," said Expo Square's Amanda Blair.

Not too far away is the new midway under construction.

"This is the old site of the Trade Center, the old shoe warehouse for the old timers," Expo Square's Jeff Tally.

Workers uncovered a bit of Tulsa's past finding bricks and pieces of concrete that were part of the old fairgrounds grandstand.  Pictures dating from 1957 when it was part of a race track for cars.  But, it was originally built in the 1930's as part of a horse race track.

"They tell me it burnt in '58, the grandstand part did and they shoved in what was left of it then they built the Trade Center," said Expo Square's Jeff Tally.

Tally says there was a car show going on at the time of the fire.  With Tulsa's recent past of digging up cars from the '50's, it begs the question:  did any of the cars get buried with the grandstand?  Tally says that's unlikely.

"I don't think you'll find any cars under there," said Expo Square's Jeff Tally.

Weather delays and other issues have put construction at the fairgrounds about two weeks behind.  But, officials say all of the projects will be finished in time for the fair in September.

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