Construction crews are racing against the clock to finish road repairs before hundreds of cyclists hit downtown Tulsa.  Tulsa Tough rolls out three days of races, starting on Friday.  The News On 6's Ashli Sims reports the push is on to pave.

Last year, rain made for a slick opening ride. This year, Tulsa Tough was facing a rough one. But construction crews are on the job.  In three years, Tulsa Tough has whipped up quite a following.  It draws cyclists from as far away as New Zealand to spin through downtown streets.

"Huge race, big crowds, great city venues," said racer Scott Delaunce.

The urban setting is what they come for.

"Something about riding in the downtown that's kinda fun," said racer Joseph Schmalz.

But, days before the event, a lot of road work remains to be done.  A construction crew was actually pulled from another job to get a stretch of 3rd Street Tulsa Tough ready.

"None of the courses will have any construction issues once the event starts. So, they'll be some stuff around it, but the actual race courses will be fine," said Mike Dodson with the Tulsa Sports Commission.

For now, 3rd Street is cracked, uneven and stripped. But, by the time construction crews finish, Tulsa Tough cyclists can look forward to a smooth ride.

"It should mean that they can take the corners with more speed and aggressiveness and they should have a good time," said Mike Dodson with the Tulsa Sports Commission.

Dodson hopes the crowds will have a good time, too.  Tulsa Tough has more riders, racers, and prize money than ever.  And, he hopes orange barrels in other areas of downtown won't be a speed bump for spectators.

"And certainly you might have to navigate around a few barricades to get to the venue. But the city again is doing a wonderful job in preparing everything and helping us organize. So we don't think anyone will have any trouble," said Mike Dodson with the Tulsa Sports Commission.

Crews will be working all day and possibly through the night to get the job done. Tulsa Tough kicks off Friday evening in downtown.