By Rick Wells and Todd Ruffin, News On 6

SCHULTER, OK -- Here's a situation we're pretty sure you've never heard of: dentures for horses.

A viewer from Okmulgee County called The News On 6 and said she believed she had the only horse in the country with false teeth.

Up to now, Schulter was best known as the home of Skeeter, Guy and Vic the Willis Brothers, one time stars of the Grand Ole Opry.

The horse is a registered miniature stallion. He now belongs to Sandra and Mike Larocco and their Triple Cross Farm.

But he's a legend that's getting older, Little Man is 28 and behind that tight-lipped smile and long whiskers. Little Man is sporting miniature horse-doms, first set of false teeth.

Actually it is more of an appliance than teeth, it is molded acrylic. Little Man had worn his teeth down, his jaw wasn't setting properly and he was chewing up the inside of his mouth and couldn't eat, these new choppers have more or less fixed the problem.

"Gives a spacing of maybe a quarter or three-eighths of an inch back there on the back teeth," said Mike Larocco.

Little Man is getting his life back, becoming the stallion he once was.

The Larocca's have 10 miniature horses, most of them mares, so there are several ladies in waiting so to speak.