Strange News

Eastern hellbender voted Pennsylvania's official amphibian

Deputies look for naked burglar who stole from Little League

Authorities: Man sleeping in dumpster ends up in trash truck

Senior slugger: 65-year-old woman hits burglar with bat

Muskrat love: Detroit-area Catholics permitted to eat rodent

Man sues parents for getting rid of his vast porn collection

3 naked women at rest stop lead deputies on chase in Florida

German students have algorithm for Game of Thrones deaths

Thai oil rig workers rescue dog swimming 135 miles offshore

Part of giant hammer artwork stolen in California returned

German police: Shiny gold Porsche a danger to other drivers

Mysterious bowls of mashed potatoes confuse Mississippians

Customer threw iguana at restaurant manager, police say

Colorado city votes to rename 'Swastika Acres' neighborhood

Harvard dorm ends decades-old goat roast tradition

Oklahoma governor tries 'American Ninja Warrior' course

Police: Pair made laxative cookies for striking workers

Girl not amused by 'SNL' joke about her disabled pet chicken

100-year-old yoga instructor keeps moving, dancing

Police: Man buys $8 million island then steals from Kmart

Woman lived to 99 with most organs on wrong side of body

Police: Firefighter went into store nude on dare to buy soda

DeGeneres surprises teachers from viral baby-boom photo

Mistrial declared for man who snapped $4.5M statue's thumb

Police: Man wakes to stranger sleeping on his kitchen floor

Bad idea: Pouring gas on wet ballfield, setting it on fire

Meow hear this: Study says cats react to sound of their name

Panda romance in the air at Berlin zoo, but love takes time

Metal rod falls from truck, narrowly misses Miami driver

Pet project: Musician creates a playlist for shelter animals

California shoplifter stuffs chain saw down his pants

Yabba dabba don't: California town rejects Flintstones house

Judge: Animal shelter to keep tiger seized from Houston home

Suit targets California's ban on 'Come on You Whites' plate

Thieves return statue, leave flowers and a card

English-speaking men can face arrest for antics in Poland

Creepy cargo: Philippines seizes 757 tarantulas from Poland

Police: 'Beware of goose!' after campus parking lot attack

Lithuanian man flies alone on commercial plane to Italy

No kidding: Woman pulled over had baby goat in lap