Helicopter Specifications

Type Bell model 206 B3 JetRanger
Max Gross Weight 3,350 lbs
Max Takeoff Horsepower 420 hp
Max Cruising Horsepower 370 hp
Fuel Capacity 95 gal. jet fuel
Height 10 ft - to center of rotor shaft
Length 39.2 ft - from rotor to tail
Fuselage Length 32.4 ft
Max Speed 140 mph
Engine Rolls Royce engine
Interior Cabin Width 4 ft

Flir Ultra Media HD

The UltraMedia Series features 5-axis, microprocessor-controlled gyro-stabilization technology. Solid imagery from dramatically greater distances is now achievable. The UltraMedia Series has an internal turret design for better stability, higher magnification, outstanding image quality, and even greater reliability.

  • You can follow a car chase suspect on foot with the new camera and see it all in crystal clear HD.
  • The new camera can pick up papers on the ground.
  • Follows the storm in greater detail as it rolls in.
  • 1140mm focal length and best in class Hi Def camera with Fujinon''s HA42x13.5BERD HDTV ENG-Style zoom lens.
  • Mounted on the nose is a customized Flir Ultra Media HD camera enclosure, designed by Flir Systems, which houses a Sony HDC-F950 1080i HD ENG camera with the Fujinon HD zoom lens.
  • Designed for use with the 2/3in. HD video camera format, the Fujinon HA42x13.5 lens offers a 42X zoom ratio with a 2X extender. It has a focal length of (1X) 13.5mm-570mm, and (2X) 27mm-1140mm.


Along with the standard aviation radios, compasses and gauges, Osage SkyNews6 is equipped with a combination of digital Aviation radio and GPS. This GPS/radio unit also has an interface that allows it to receive weather information and data from the XM satellite network. This data gives the pilot real-time weather radar, lightning strike displays and other weather information.


There are two main rotor blades on Osage SkyNews6 with Flir Ultra Media HD chopper. These blades are shaped like the wings on a regular airplane, which provides the lift to make Osage SkyNews6 fly. Helicopters are referred to as rotating wing aircraft. There are also two tail rotor blades that keeps Osage SkyNews6 flying straight. Both blades are 16.7 ft. long and 1.1 ft. wide.


Osage SkyNews6 boasts a highly tuned directional antenna that automatically tracks receiver towers, allowing for continual coverage of breaking news and severe weather while in the sky. This hi-tech antenna system ensures that when breaking news happens, Osage SkyNews6 will be available to cover the action live.


A tail mounted camera gives you the feeling of riding along with Osage SkyNews6 with Flir Ultra Media HD. The tail camera offers a first-person view of where the helicopter is flying, while allowing the Flir Ultra Media HD camera to focus on the action at hand.