TULSA, Oklahoma -- It's not too late to help out some Latimer County pets that were seized from a couple last week. An Adopt-A-Thon continues Sunday at the Tulsa SPCA, 2910 Mohawk Boulevard.

Some of Oklahoma's Own are helping dozens of pets left behind after a Wilberton family's rescue ranch is shut down for alleged animal cruelty.

Officials say they've saved more than 70 animals and now many of them needs homes. So, the Tulsa SPCA decided to hold a Happy Tails adopt-a-thon this weekend.

"We've had some of the Wilburton dogs, we put pools out for them and they just went diving into the water. It was just like a fun experience like they haven't had that in a while. So, that was good to see them have fun in the water," said Lori Hall.

The adopt-a-thon is going on Sunday too. Even if you aren't looking for another dog, taking care of these has really drained the SPCA's resources, so they are asking for donations.