TULSA, Oklahoma - Reverend Jesse Jackson is in Tulsa to host a rally for hope and healing in North Tulsa Saturday evening.

On Friday, he led the procession at the funeral for 54-year-old Bobby Clark.

Clark is one of the three black people gunned down on Good Friday.

Jackson was invited to Tulsa by black community leaders and ministers in the aftermath of those shootings. He commended the city of Tulsa for quick arrests in the case and praised the district attorney for filing hate crime charges against the two suspects.

However, he thinks Oklahoma should make hate crimes felonies, instead of just misdemeanors.

"The community, black and white, must come together and use this crisis as an opportunity to rule out this evil that is such a threat to growth," said Reverend Jess Jackson, civil rights leader. 

Jackson is holding a Rally for Hope and Healing tonight at 6 p.m. at the First Baptist Church North Tulsa, located at 1414 North Greenwood.