OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - An Osage County family feels lucky to be alive after an early morning storm swept through their farm.

Jana Hager credits a gazebo and fence for keeping saving her family. Debris from a corrugated steel barn stopped at the fence line instead of continuing to their home.

The storm leveled two barns on their property.

"We think it happened about 6 o'clock this morning," Hager told News On 6. "That's when we heard all the loud, loud noise and pounding."

Family and neighbors helped the Hagers clear debris as goats and chickens roamed the property. The family lives in Osage County just north of Sand Springs just off State Highway 97.

Hager stopped to comfort a family dog who was buried under rubble Saturday morning.

"It was pretty scary, but I'm tough," she said for obviously traumatized dog whose white fur was still streaked with mud.

The Hagers had two barns on their property that were destroyed. The largest barn held hay, tools and feed for their animals. It also housed their tractor which was covered by debris Saturday morning.

Hager's voice broke as she toured the property and saw a tree house blown into a swing set.

"It belongs to an 11-year-old boy who spends a lot of time in it," she said, shaking her head. "No more."

The damage may have been straight line winds or quite possibly a small tornado, according to News On 6 meteorologist Alan Crone. Crone said it will probably be a day or two before the Weather Service will have a chance to classify it.