TULSA, Oklahoma - A police standoff involving a 41-year-old man with a machete near the University of Tulsa campus ended early Monday morning with his arrest.

Tulsa Police say it all started Sunday at about 11 p.m. near 8th and Birmingham.

Police say Juan Ayuzo barricaded himself inside an apartment near TU's campus after threatening at least two people with a machete.

Officers say Ayuzo had apparently been drinking and smoking marijuana when he threatened the mother of his child.  Police say the situation quickly escalated.

"Apparently right before we got here the suspect had chased his brother with a machete. Out of the apartment, and was trying to cut him with the machete. Brother got away, fortunately," said Tulsa Police Captain Shawn King.

Officers say Ayuzo broke his brother's car windows before going back inside the apartment.

A woman and Ayuzo's brother were able to get out unharmed.

Tulsa Police surrounded the apartment and could hear Ayuzo moving furniture around. Officers fired pepper balls inside which forced Ayuzo to come out.

Ayuzo was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana.