TULSA, Oklahoma - Friday might have been a day that will kick start a new vision for Tulsa - and this time it's more than just the city or county - it's the region.

As you might imagine river development was mentioned, but this new vision summit was about everything that Tulsa can build on.

More than 400 of Tulsa's most influential people gathered in one room to talk about the future. It was called the "EnVision" Summit and it is related to how Tulsa has advanced in the past.

Tulsa leaders - from the Chamber of Commerce, city and county government and anyone else who wanted to be here, spent four hours answering the question of what ought to be next for Tulsa.

The people who took part could toss out any idea for discussion - and instant feedback. All the ideas were gathered up to look for common themes.

The directions to go will come later - the results are far in the future - and the exercise might give Tulsa an edge.

"I think in Tulsa's case, taking the time to look long term, not just midterm, is really going to be the secret of moving forward in a global economy," former Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell said.

There's still time to give input - and get feedback.