Football is not just a man's game anymore.

The Tulsa Threat is Oklahoma's only all-woman, full contact tackle football team. The team is player-owned and competes in the Women's Football Alliance (WFA). The Threat says it's out to prove that football is for women, too.

"We've got some pretty athletic girls," linebacker Brittany Dorman said. "We've got some tall girls that can jump high and people that played college basketball and college softball."

The team has 32 players on its roster and practices multiple nights a week at the Union 8th Grade Center on Garnett between 61st and 71st streets.

The competition is fierce, and the women don't hold back.

"You end up with sleeves of bruises," quarterback Kimber Martin said. "Yes, there's a lot of hitting."

"We're very dedicated. We take it very seriously," wide receiver Nicole Moore said. "We don't get paid to do this. We come out here in our spare time, what little spare time we have, and we just do our thing."

The women fight the stereotype that they can't possibly compete as hard as men can because of their smaller physical size. Most of the players agree that simply isn't true. They've heard it before and it does bother them to judged before fans ever get a chance to see them play.

"It's not uncommon, so I guess we're used to it," Dorman said. "We just want to prove them wrong. It's not really to prove them wrong, it's just to have them respect us."

The Tulsa Threat will host the Kansas City Pride Saturday night. The Threat's home opener kicks off at 7 p.m. from Bixby High School's Spartan Stadium.

You can buy your tickets online at the Tulsa Threat Shop or from any Tulsa Threat player or staff for $5. Or tickets at the gate are $8.