Laid-off workers at DMI Industries, a wind-tower plant at the Port of Catoosa, are now eligible for the Trade Readjustment Assistance (TRA) program, according to state officials.

TRA provides assistance to those who lose jobs or significant work hours because of increased imports or a shift in production out of the country.

Last year Dallas company Trinity Industries announced it was buying DMI Industries.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission said with the U.S. Labor Department decision, those workers now can seek income support, relocation and job search allowances and health coverage tax credits.

The decision impacts workers who became totally or partially separated from DMI Industries on or after February 13, 2012, through June 4, 2013, and who become totally or partially separated from DMI Industries from June 4, 2013, through February 13, 2014. Those workers are eligible to apply for assistance.

OESC says laid-off workers can apply by calling the Workforce Oklahoma at 1-888-980-WORK.