TULSA, Oklahoma - Graffiti continues to be a problem in downtown Tulsa. On top of what private businesses pay, the city spends more than $100,000 every year to clean it up.

One of the recent tags that popped up in the Brady Arts District was caught on camera, and the man that did it may not look like what you would expect.

Video shows a clean-cut man wearing a Northface jacket and glasses walk up to the Wallace Engineering building on November 11th around 10:00 p.m.

The man glances around, then, makes his mark on a part of the building.

He looks around again afterward, and moves along, where he does something similar one door down and hits several other spots in the immediate area as well.

"It'll probably cost me a $1,000 and some of my time in removing it. I just don't like this guy's deal. I'd like him to come by and let me paint my logo on his car and see how he likes it, you know,” said building owner, Tom Wallace.

Another video of the same guy, in the same jacket, shows him painting the words “triple crown crew” on a door just down the street; the building is also Wallace's property.

"It's some sort of graffiti pen. If you look at the video, it's something to write with, not spray paint," he said. “Takes the paint off [of the door to clean it] so we'll have to sand it and repaint it."

A sign downtown also got tagged; it'll have to be removed and repainted too.

The same symbol that showed up behind Wallace's building showed up on a piece of metal and there's yet one more symbol painted on his dumpster too.

It happens so frequently, they keep matching paint on hand to cover it up.

When asked if he would like to talk to the man and ask him why he does it, Wallace said he didn't think so.

"I don't know if I'm interested in his opinion. I'd just like him or his parents to pay for it then maybe they'd think twice about it," he said.

The video shows the man getting into a silver car after the deed is done.

If he does get identified and arrested, this type of vandalism is a misdemeanor charge and probably wouldn't end up with any jail time, but, the owner would certainly like to see some reimbursement.