Rich Lenz was a substitute teacher in a classroom. LeAnne Taylor baked the bread at Panera and Alan Crone sorted the U.S. mail. But we wanted to see how we would work together, doing something other than giving you the news. 

The folks at Yale Cleaners let us go behind the counter where you drop off your dry cleaning. And this time, we got to work as a team. 

We've often wondered what it was like to work at a dry cleaners. You have to believe that during the winter time it is awesome - nice and toasty - but what about the summer months? Well, right now, it's really nice because we haven't started working yet. 

Yale Cleaners showed us their shirt unit. Shirts are pressed from wet to dry in about a minute. They put three people in that unit. One will do the collar and cuffs, one will do the sleeves and one will do the buttons. They expected at least 50 shirts per hour.

"Okay, I brought this shirt from home. It's actually my husband's shirt. So we will follow the shirt from start to finish," said LeAnne Taylor. 

Now, lets cut to the chase, was 6 In The Morning anchors hireable?

Well, I'll be real honest. Leanne, you did a great job. Your attention to detail is really appreciated.

"Alan, absolutely, you really tried hard. You were working hard, you were getting in there, you were really getting the motion, really getting the sleeves looking excellent. Rich, on the other hand, your commitment to excellence and details is just not quite up to our company standards. Your customers would not be very happy with the quality of the shirt, so I'm sorry, but we're going to have to take that white hat, and give it to Leanne," said John Roth Rock. 

6 In The Morning would like to thank John Roth Rock and Yale Cleaners for the opportunity to work in one of their stores.