"I was confused,” Jarod Moore said. “I didn't really know what was going on."

Moore's truck sat in its regular spot in the driveway, but his brand new Polaris Ranger 570 UTV and his Maxis tilt-bed trailer were missing.

"I had my hitch here, and right here was where hitch was and had lock on it and I had it backed up to the garage. There was maybe a foot worth of space between the trailer and garage."

As Moore called police, he remembered something.

“It popped in my head that my neighbor across street has security cameras, so while I'm on the phone with police, I'm knocking on his door asking him to look and see if he caught anything on his cameras," he said.

Unfortunately, the video is grainy, but it gives an idea of when the thieves stole the property -- $15,000 worth -- and just how long it took them.

"It was around three minutes that they did it," he said.

And he thinks it was the work of more than just one person.

“For the weight of the trailer and what was on the trailer, that would be really tough to do by themselves," he said.

After talking with neighbors, some remembered seeing a black truck sitting in the neighborhood the night of the theft but details end there,” Moore said. "I'm thinking, ‘why don't we have security cameras?' So that will be a next step that we do. It is nice to know that we have neighbors that are looking out and hopefully someone saw something."

Moore said the family felt like their personal security had been shattered.

"It shook us up,” he said. “Even last night I was out of bed. Every little bump I was up looking out the windows."

The Moore family is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the trailer and UTV and the capture of those responsible for stealing it. Moore said a black Acura was seen scoping the area on Saturday. The vehicle caught on his neighbor's security video appears to be a dark-colored truck possibly a Nissan or Toyota, Moore said.

If you have any information that can help, please call police at 918-259-8400.