TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say an erratic driver ran a red light in front of a patrol unit, sparking a high-speed pursuit on Interstate 244 Sunday.

At about 2 a.m., an officer was on North Sheridan at the I-244 intersection when a driver blew through a red light exiting the westbound lanes of the highway. The sedan continued westbound onto the entrance ramp, going so fast he blew a tire, according to Corporal Tami Manz.

The TPD officer gave chase on the interstate and saw the fleeing vehicle clip another car and keep going, she said. Manz did not have an estimated speed for the pursuit but said the sedan apparently blew another tire at one point before crashing into a concrete barrier near the Delaware exit.

The young male driver, who police believe was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, took off on foot and escaped into a neighborhood.

Two passengers stayed in the car after it wrecked. Police arrested one of them after finding drugs in the car. He has been identified as Gauino Serrano.

The other was a juvenile who was released to his parents, Manz said.

Police had not yet located the driver, but when they find him, they expect to arrest him for felony eluding, hit and run, drug and other traffic complaints.