TULSA, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality says Wednesday is the Tulsa area's first Ozone Alert day this year. 

The DEQ says people with lung or heart disease should be aware that increased pollution may cause them adverse health effects.  

On Ozone Alert days, DEQ advises you to reduce pollution by carpooling, walking or using Tulsa Transit. It also suggests you postpone errands for another day and avoid mowing and using other gas-powered lawn tools.

For more information on how to reduce pollution throughout the summer, go to DEQ's website.

Earlier this year, the American Lung Association ranked the Tulsa area 12th out of 220 metro areas in the U.S. for the number of high ozone or smog days in 2014.

The American Lung Association's "State of the Air 2015" report gave the Tulsa area a grade of "F" with 57 ozone days in 2014.