TULSA, Oklahoma - People waking up Sunday morning to go to church and run errands got an unwelcome surprise in one south Tulsa neighborhood. Vandals shot out the windows of several vehicles parked in driveways and streets in the area of 91st and Sheridan.

Tulsa Police say they've found over a dozen cars so far but expect the number to total more than 20 as other residents go outside. Officers were in the neighborhoods taking reports from upset residents.

The vandalism took place in about a square-mile area reaching northeast to 81st and Memorial, according to early reports.

It appears someone used a high-powered pellet gun to do the damage. So far police haven't found anyone who woke up as the crimes were being committed.

It was not how Gary Wilson wanted to spend his Sunday morning.

" I got up to back out to go to the donut shop when I saw my window shattered, so I stopped, checked it out, saw glass all over the street, and I realized something had happened," Wilson said. "And then I saw the holes and I talked to my neighbor across the street. His truck was vandalized. I went around the corner and four or five vehicles there were vandalized also."

Janet Page and her husband Richard spent the morning cleaning up two damaged vehicles and found small pellets inside.

"I'm going to have to rearrange my schedule tomorrow and then pay a couple hundred dollars that I wasn't budgeted for, so not fun. ...It's sad, that, that is what's enjoyment for some."

People who live in the neighborhood believe IT  happened some time around 4 a.m. with the vandals targeting random cars parked along the street and in driveways.

"You know, my folks always said if you're up past midnight, you're up to no good," Richard Page said.