TULSA, Oklahoma - If you were an artist, and you were concerned that we are losing our focus for the outdoors, you might call your next project "The Unbearable Absence of Landscape."

Well, that’s exactly what one Oklahoma artist is doing, and we'll all be able to see it beginning next month.

Romy Owens is the lead artist on a state-wide knitting project that will be installed on the outside of 108 Contemporary in the Brady District.

"There's over 120 miles of yarn, there's over 5 million individual stitches," Romy said.

Are you getting the idea? This thing's gonna be big - it'll cover the entire front of the 108 Contemporary building.

"These are the front doors, and, you can kind of make out, we have huge windows that are the original loading docks, and it's gonna cover all of that except for the front doors," said Krystal Brewer with 108 Contemporary.

It’s a little more than 3,500 square feet of knitted yarn.

The goal is to have it installed on the front of the building before Thanksgiving.

Owens said, "The knitting started in earnest in January."

More than 350 knitters participated; some knitted one panel, others did dozens in various shades of blue and green.

Knitting circles and individuals from all over contributed to the enormous state-wide art project...even me.

Owens: "Rick, do you want to put your stitch in here?"
Rick: "Oh sure, I'll be a part of this thing."

And so, now I am. So when it is installed, I can search for my rather unartistic contribution.

"So it worked out pretty beautifully how things came in," Owens said.

I, like many, can't wait to see it.