BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The Broken Arrow Police Department is looking to hire 20 more officers.

A recent report says Tulsa Police need 200 more officers, and Broken Arrow doesn't want to get so far behind in staffing, they end up in the same situation as TPD.

Tulsa has one officer for every 500 citizens, but BA has one for every 800. FBI data shows Broken Arrow police staffing is behind for cities its size. BA has about 1.3 officers per thousand residents, when the average is 1.8 officers per thousand residents.

"It's not just about patrol. Our detectives are running short right now, and so that's just more case load on them. It's a problem within the City of Broken Arrow," said Sgt. Thomas Cooper.

Sergeant Cooper says Broken Arrow Police are working more traffic calls, property crimes and violent crimes, as the city is growing. Soon there will be four new apartment complexes, and new shopping centers.

Police are asking the city for 20 more officers and sales tax revenue from the Vision 2025 renewal, up for vote November 10th, would pay the extra officers.

Cooper says it costs about $80,000 to outfit a new officer with a car, uniform, technology and training. A price police say is worth paying for public safety.

"Tulsa is experiencing something that we don't want to, that's why it's important for us to stay ahead of that curve," Cooper said.

Cooper said the department would hire those 20 officers over four years.