STILLWATER, Oklahoma - As we have reported, four people have died as a result of their injuries of a car crashing through a barricade and into spectators at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade on Saturday.

One of those who died was Nikita Prabhakar, a University of Central Oklahoma MBA student visiting Stillwater for the festivities. Nash Lucas, a 2-year-old son of an OSU student was killed also.

And two other identities were revealed early Sunday -- a 65-year-old couple with direct ties to the university. Retired OSU professor Dr. Marvin Stone and his wife, Bonnie, also were victims of the deadly crash.

Even after retirement in 2006, Stone continued to teach and research as Professor Emeritus in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering.

Bonnie Stone worked at the university in the Information Management department.

One of his former students, Dr. Wesley Porter, who now is a professor at the University of Georgia, called Stone one of the nicest men he had ever met.

Porter says he has a plan for how to honor his legacy.

"Hopefully, I could be somewhere as great as he was," Porter said. "But if I could use the stuff he taught me and the courses I took from him and learned from him informally on more of a one-to-one research level and take that forward into the future and do that."

Stone also received honors for his innovations at a U.S. Congressional reception in Washington D.C. earlier this year.

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