TULSA, Oklahoma - Nine months after the project was announced, the first business opened in the old Universal Ford Building in the Brady District.

Antoinette Baking moved its location from Brookside and welcomed its first customers Monday morning. The force behind the bakery: two young women in their early 30s.

The new location of Antoinette Baking is triple the size of the former location in Brookside. It's located on Main Street between Brady and Cameron.

"This is exactly what we imagined for this space," said co-owner Andrea Mohn. Mohn says the possibilities are endless now and the menu shows it, everything from traditional pies and cupcakes to breakfast sandwiches.

This is the first of several businesses that will make up this neighborhood block. And most of the owners are younger than 40.

"It's the people who are passionate and pursue their passions and people that come around to support it," said Dustin Curzon, 36 Degrees North Executive Director.

And that is exactly the concept for a space around the corner.

36 Degrees North will soon be an area for entrepreneurs and startups to share ideas, have a comfortable space to work and get their businesses off the ground, just like Antoinette.

"We wanted to do this by time we were 30, to give us a goal and here I am at 33 and it's booming so I'm really happy," said co-owner Andrea Mohn.

"There's a lot of people that have done this before so we had a lot of help from other people,' said Molly Martin, co-owner. "While we are young we've surrounded ourselves by people who know how to help us."

And from the looks of this one block in downtown Tulsa - the community support is working.

Curzon said, "It gives people the opportunity to say 'Hey, I could do this,' so I think that's what attract people to the businesses popping up in Brady Arts District and they say, 'I could do that, too.'"

As for the other projects, the next spot set to open is The Tavern in mid- to late November. Then, the apartments in late December and 36 Degrees North and the brew pub in early 2017.