SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A Sand Springs business owner wants to know why someone painted anti-Semitic words and symbols on the shop's windows and walls late Saturday night. 

The hateful vandalism is now gone from Urban Tails Pet Store thanks to the help of some neighborhood volunteers and a lot of elbow grease. But it left behind a lot of emotions.

The owner of the downtown store just wants to know why she was targeted. 

Tatiana Rozzell makes a living by caring for others. Her pet store - Urban Tails - offers grooming and pet sitting. She also takes in animals that need a home.

The shop is well known, and well loved in the area. That's why Tatiana has no idea why someone turned the store into a canvas for what police say could be considered hate speech, depending on the vandal's motive.

"There was swastikas in the front, swastika, pentagrams," said Tatiana Rozzell, pet store owner. "We had a cat and dog painted on the wall, so they made it look like the eyes were bloody."

A group of neighborhood kids and parents spent hours helping to clean off the paint. It cost Tatiana about $2,500 to replace damaged parts of her store. Tatiana, who's from Russia, is taking this all personally.

She says her family members fought against Nazi Germany during World War II, so the accusations hit close to the heart.

"Shock and awe," she said of her reaction. "It was like, why? Why was the first question."

Next door at Pyramid Printing, office manager Jessica Mills says she expected more from her town. 

"It's very disappointing; it makes you worry about which direction this place is going," she said.

Tatiana says she's not angry, she just wants to know why. And she wants to get across one more thing.

"God bless you. That's all," she said.

Police say this was the only report of vandalism in Sand Springs this weekend, so Tatiana was likely targeted. She says there's no surveillance video available to help in this case, so she's offering a $500 reward for anyone who can help find who did this.