JENKS, Oklahoma - The “Oklahoma Standard” was on display in Jenks Wednesday night, as hundreds of people gathered to search for a missing 11-year-old boy.

He wandered around alone for more than eight hours before a teacher found him in a field near Jenks West Intermediate, unharmed.

After word of the missing 11 year old spread, more than 100 community members came together and volunteered their time to make sure he came home safe and sound.

Kevin Burr lives less than a mile away from Jenks West Intermediate where the 11-year-old student disappeared Wednesday afternoon.

"There was people just standing out in their driveways, there was people just driving around in their cars, we had a mother and her son come by the house with a flyer asking whether or not we had seen him. Yea, so, it was all hands on deck," he said.

Burr, a father himself, said when he heard about the missing boy his heart dropped.

"You just feel for the parent, you feel for the family, you feel for the friends. I mean you just know that someone out there is just heartbroken and heartaching at that point; and the little boy himself, you didn't know what he was going through," he said.

Hundreds took to social media and shared the boy’s age and description. Jenks schools sent out robo-calls encouraging the community to keep their eyes open, prompting the outpouring of volunteers.

Burr said, “There was so many people out on the road driving at 10:00 at night - it's not what you would normally see at 10:00 at night."

Eventually, the 11-year-old boy was found safe; an answer to so many people's prayers.

It's the display of humanity that has Burr and many others thankful for the town they call home.

"To watch the community come together for it was just amazing. I mean, it's truly inspiring, and one of the reasons we love being here in Jenks, and in Oklahoma," Burr said.