BIXBY, Oklahoma - Bixby city leaders are making a last-minute plea to get people to the polls to vote in favor of four new propositions on Tuesday.

The four propositions are known as "Four for Bixby."

They focus on city development, public safety staff positions, park improvements and maintenance.

City leaders say the funding for the propositions would come from an expiring sales tax that people already are paying in Bixby.

The plan is to switch from the existing tax under Vision 2025 to a city tax and dedicate the money to the new propositions.

"I'm very optimistic that the city will approve these proposals. From the folks I talked to, it’s getting really great results,” Bixby Mayor John Easton said. “If it doesn't pass, nothing will happen. No downtown improvements, no river improvements, no additional safety personnel."

Broken Arrow is proposing similar propositions.