TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - The bad news just keeps coming for the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. This time, Internal Affairs is investigating a deputy whose wife called 911 with a domestic complaint.

The wife of Tulsa County deputy Robert Lovett called the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office about 3 a.m. Sunday saying she and her husband got into an argument on the way home from a Tulsa bar and he ended up in a van owned by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Because the location is just inside Rogers County, a deputy from that agency was called.

His report says Lovett was asleep, smelled of alcohol, had red, glassy eyes and admitted he'd had five or six beers hours earlier.

He passed two of the three sobriety tests, but, as video shows, the deputy still cuffed Lovett and took him to the Rogers County jail for breathalyzer tests.

“He was given two breath tests. The first one was .01 percent and the second one, given right after that, was .00 percent," said Major Coy Jenkins with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department.

Someone from the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office picked up the van, which contained a gun, a grenade launcher, canisters and other SWAT team equipment - all of which Lovett told the deputy before being asked.

Lovett told them he took the county van because his own car wouldn't start and he wanted to get away from the arguing.

Lovett served on the SWAT team in his eight years with Tulsa County, although his current assignment is transporting inmates from jail to court.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said Lovett's wife refused to cooperate or fill out a statement, and because she initially said the domestic dispute happened in their car on the highway on their way home, that jurisdiction would be Tulsa County.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said they can't say much because this has now become an Internal Affairs investigation.