TULSA, Oklahoma - Businesses are preparing for the rush of customers stocking up ahead of the bad weather.

When it comes to winter weather, you know your basic necessities – things like snow shovels, ice melt, scrapers and deicer – but some necessities aren’t so obvious.

“Some things that people don't think about are little heaters to put in areas that may get cold with walls on the outside wall,” said Best Electric and Hardware Co. manager, Richard Womack. "A lot of people are, I don't want to use my heat, I don't want to run up my bill, but you're going to have a lot bigger bill for having frozen pipes in your home."

While you're running around town taking care of your hardware needs, another thing to fill up is your gas tank.

QuikTrip spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh said, "We make sure every single store has as much gasoline as you can possibly get. There's always a rush on it - most people are going to top it off."

QuikTrip also ups the inventory on important food items.

"The basics disappear - eggs, milk, bread, things of that nature. So you try to stock as much as you can," Thornbrugh said.

He said they also make sure they have plenty of generators on hand in case the rest of Tulsa goes dark.

Thornbrugh said, "The Tulsa area has problems, we may be one of the very few stores that's open and we're cognizant of that. That's why we plan ahead."

Remember, whether it's food or things like snow shovels and ice melt, it's best to grab those things before the weather gets too severe.