JENKS, Oklahoma - A city worker ended up in the hospital after salting the roads Friday morning in south Tulsa near Jenks.

Police say the driver didn't realize the two lanes on 81st Street merged and he drove into the ditch.

The driver went to the hospital to get checked out, and he's expected to be okay but he has minor injuries to his back and hips. 

The area of 81st Street south near Olympia Avenue is back open after two tow trucks worked for about an hour to dig the salt truck out of a ditch. 

Police say the driver didn't realize the two lanes on 81st street merged, and he drove right into the ditch. 

One of the tow truck operators on the scene says the truck weighs about 54 thousand pounds - making it a little more difficult to dig out of a ditch than a car.

"...a little more dangerous because it's top-heavy, and if we're not cautious and secure about our hookups, something could slip and lay back over in the ditch and cause more damage," said Rufus Gould with Allied Towing of Tulsa.

Tulsa is currently on Operation Slick Streets, so Tulsa Police are only responding to injury crashes. 

If you find yourself in an accident you need to file a report, go to the nearest QuikTrip and fill out an accident form or fill one out online at the TPD website.