TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman who left her child alone in a hot car at the Owasso WalMart a couple of years ago is in trouble again.

The Tulsa County DA wants a judge to revoke Hannah Secondi's two-year deferred sentence for that crime and send her to prison.

When Secondi pleaded guilty to child neglect, she agreed to stay out of trouble for two years, but the prosecutor said Secondi has violated that agreement and should serve her sentence behind bars. 

They said one violation is a report from Rogers County of Secondi's toddler daughter wandering away from home wearing nothing but a diaper.
Secondi frantically asked police if her 1-year-old daughter was dead when she came out of Owasso's Wal-Mart in July of 2015, after being inside 45 minutes and forgetting her child was in the car.

Two Good Samaritans saw the little girl, rescued her and called 911.

Secondi pleaded guilty six months later and because it was her first offense, she got a two-year deferred sentence, which means no jail time as long as she didn't violate her rules or get into trouble again.

But, six months after that, Rogers County deputies got a call of a child wandering around a field, covered in scratches, wearing nothing but a diaper.  A neighbor took her in until deputies arrived. 

Deputies said when they first talked to Secondi, she wasn't honest about her daughter being missing.

The Rogers County DA did not file charges because the case was referred to DHS. 

The prosecutor on the Tulsa County case said it doesn't matter that charges weren't filed, the fact a report was filed of Secondi once again failing to supervise her children, is enough to ask a judge to revoke Secondi's previous sentence.