TULSA, Oklahoma - Governor Mary Fallin announced Amazon will start charging sales tax from Oklahoma shoppers.

What does that mean for local shops? For one of Tulsa’s oldest bookstores, they hope it means more people will give them a try.

Saturday was Jenna Murray's first time at Peace of Mind Bookstore. She's researching a college paper and decided to bring some friends.

"I heard about it through my anthropology professor. I've walked past it about a dozen times and decided we should go in," she said.

Peace of Mind prides itself on being different - carrying items you likely won't find online.

The bookstore opened in the 1970s. It's a niche store that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

Employees say they've stayed in business because the shop is so unique, and customers who give Peace of Mind a chance end up coming back again and again.

"They find out they can sit and read a book, physical book, turn the page, stick post-it notes in, stick bookmarks in," said Russ Doden with Peace of Mind.

So, the store is hoping the Amazon sales tax will result in more first-timers - relying on people like Murray, who are starting to see the value in local bookstores over online shopping.

"I think you can find a lot more credible things when you go into a bookstore, and online, it's filled with so many others things that may not even relate to your subject," Murray said.

Doden said, "It's going to even the playing field, and, I think it is overdue in that regard. The idea of the internet has hurt a lot of small businesses."

Amazon will start collecting the sales tax on March 1st.