TULSA, Oklahoma - Many people try to find ways to relieve stress; well a new Tulsa business says power tools and a little paint might be just what you need.

Ashley Kaske showed us around her brand-new business, AR Workshop Tulsa.

Ashley came up with the idea after she went to Michigan to visit her friend; they went to an AR Workshop there, fell in love with it and she decided to start one of her own.

Ashley and her husband Brian work in healthcare - a stressful profession, but her visit to the workshop in Michigan was an instant stress reliever.

There’s a lot of hammering and pounding involved – it’s called distressing the wood, and de-stressing yourself.

When you finish with the distressing and de-stressing, you've got something you made to take home and you feel better.

If you’d like to learn more, you can find more information here.