TULSA, Oklahoma - Most of the speculation was confirmed Tuesday morning. 

Four years from now, Southern Hills Country Club will host the 2021 senior PGA championship. 

The winner will try to lift the 36-pound trophy.

"We've had seven majors and eight national or premier championships at our course,” said Southern Hills President Craig Bothwell. “But, we've never had a senior event, a senior major. So, I know that we're excited about that."

Part two of the announcement is that the club will host a record fifth PGA Championship, but it's not certain which year.  The PGA would only say sometime between 2024 and 2030.

"You wouldn't want to have two championships too close together,” said PGA of America President Paul Levy. “A community like Tulsa, you've got these major corporations who are going to support golf and yeah you want to give them a little bit of separation and hopefully they'll be committed to both events."