TULSA, Oklahoma - A team of Oklahoma first responders and local agencies received hands-on training Tuesday to prepare in case of a disaster.

Being prepared is the key to surviving a disaster, and the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency is making sure the city is ready in case one strikes. 

First responders and several relief agencies took part in training missions inside the Tulsa Emergency Operations center.

The disaster response exercises help to make sure the best plans are in place before something bad happens.

One of the exercises even included a mock news conference.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said the practice is vital because during an actual disaster anything can happen. 

"We also understand that this is our chance to learn about the process when lives aren't on the line today, but they very well could be in other situations. We need to be prepared as the leaders in the community who will be running that operation," Bynum said.

First responders said thanks to the constant training each year, they feel more confident and prepared for the next time a major disaster happens.