TULSA, Oklahoma - City leaders say neighborhoods just outside of the downtown Tulsa area have a lot of potential and could be in store for new developments.

The Crutchfield neighborhood sits directly north of the IDL beginning at about Peoria. It’s one of three areas being reviewed by the City as part of an overall plan to revitalize neighborhoods outside of downtown.

“It is going to be very exciting. It is a very exciting time,” said Theron Warlick, Senior Planner for Urban Development.

Crutchfield also sits right next to the recently announced location of the BMX training facility.

“Things are starting to line up. Crutchfield has had a plan it just has not seen as much implementation," Warlick said.

Plenty of empty lots for new development and homes that, while many need fixing up, could be perfect for certain buyers or renters.

There are a number of empty industrial spaces there as well that could house new industries and companies, and space downtown is running out.

“What a lot of people don’t know is a lot of that is spoken for, and much of that will see development in the next few years. So, it really is time to start working with these outside neighborhoods to find out what happens next,” Warlick said.

One of Crutchfield's more well-known property owners, Danny O'Connor, is renovating The Outsiders house.

“I think Crutchfield is a beautiful place and it just needs people with the vision to come here and roll up their sleeves and get involved,” he said.

In the next few weeks, the City said that will start to happen. The same group that helped with Tulsa's comprehensive plan in 2009 will be back out talking to neighbors and getting the process moving forward again.

“I feel there is immeasurable potential on this side of town. I live downtown but I'm here every day,” O'Connor said.

Warlick said, “They've been saying this neighborhood is next and I think they're right.”

The other neighborhoods part of the overall sector study are the Pearl District and Crosbie Heights, immediately west of downtown.